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    Re: Thunder

    Message par Apollo le 22/1/2018, 21:48

    John a écrit:Oui j'ai regardé et je me suis un peu énervé aussi...surtout que je ne veux pas de BR!

    Dis-moi si je me trompe mais il n'y a également que dans ce coffret que tu as 29mn later en dvd... car pour le reste on ne le trouve qu'en cd je crois...

    Je crois que je vais prendre le truc à 25£ qui en effet est très bien et à l'occasion le dvd si je le trouve un jour moins cher... à moins que quelqu'un ne veuille acheter le dvd et me l'échanger contre le BR (Franck?Phil?)

    Apollo on compte donc sur toi pour acheter le Super Deluxe et nous copier le 29mn et le 100 Club en version vidéo Razz

    Moi qui prends Blu Ray quand il y a, ça me va très bien. Et le 29 minutes later en DVD n'est pas mon premier objectif, vu que c'est peux de titres dont pas mal qu'on a déja 1000 fois. Le Chameleon session me tente plus, mais n'est lui qu'en CD...

    Bref, je vois mes potes de la Thunder connection demain à Cologne (car oui, la nouvelle tournée Euro commence ce soir, et je fais Cologne demain et Zoetermeer mardi prochain!), donc je verrai comment mutualiser ça !

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    Re: Thunder

    Message par John le 27/1/2018, 16:19

    Quelle chance, ça me fait chier de pas voir de shows de ce bout de tournée, surtout après l'incroyable show de Noël...putain de Danny!

    Quant à cette sortie live, je verrai bien mais te fais confiance pour récupérer des trucs!

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    Re: Thunder

    Message par John Hier à 21:19

    C'est un peu long mais ça vaut le coup...

    Monsters Of Rock Cruise - A Rather Testing Week In February..

    Yes peeps we have been to Miami and back via the Bahamas and Haiti. Well, most of us have.. The tome that follows is all true..

    As some of you may have heard by now, Harry became ill prior to the trip, then got worse, ending up being taken into hospital with pneumonia the day we were leaving for Miami. "How very inconvenient" we hear you cry.

    As luck would have it, we realised our good friend Dave McCluskey was going to be on the cruise (in his regular gig with The Quireboys). Luke gave him a call and asked if he fancied stepping in for us, and despite knowing he would get no chance to rehearse with us, he very kindly agreed (what a man!). The alternative would have been to cancel our trip. Luke sent him the music, and Dave started learning it in his Miami hotel room once he got there.

    Having boarded the ship on the Sunday, we met up with Dave and discussed the set, and Luke and Dave set about the process of working out the stops and starts (of which there are quite a few). Quietly confident..

    We played 2 shows, on Tuesday and Wednesday, and Dave was a total star. There was a degree of bottom twitching as you'd expect with no rehearsals, but the first show went very well, despite Ben saying he felt a bit rough afterwards.

    This turned to him being full blown bed ridden the next day, when it became clear he'd picked up a really nasty virus. He dragged himself out of his sick bed to play the second show (helped by a load of energy drinks and painkillers), before falling back into it immediately afterwards. The show was once again a triumph over adversity, and all were much relieved.

    On Thursday we did a "Photo Opportunity" where approximately 700 MOR cruisers lined up patiently over almost 2 hours to have their snaps taken with us and other bands. Poor old Ben could barely stand and had to return to bed after a little while, leaving only 3 of us to do the pics.

    It must be said, this has been a rather testing week, and certainly not one we'll forget in a hurry..

    Here are some pics courtesy of the most talented Mr Moffatt, who seemed to spend the entire week on the ship with a big smile on his face, which was a joy to behold. There may have been some alcohol involved..

    Thanks galore to Dave for being a total pro and of course to those who screamed like banshees at both shows on the ship.


    C,D & L

    (H is currently on the bench & B is in the treatment room)

    Les types ils sont costauds! cheers

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